“GeneGini has know-how and expertise to quantitatively analyse transcriptomics data to reveal biomarkers that segregate and identify disease/pathogenesis and differences between experiments. Our algorithm and downstream analyses also identify highly stable reference gene expression which further adds to the ability to measure even the smaller changes in differentially expressed biomarker copy number. qPCR assays for both GeneGini biomarker and reference genes are offered that are combined with fluorescent nanoparticles to enable down to low copy number limit of detection. This gives a leading advantage to researchers who wish to quantify: 1) the expression of specific biomarkers such as in diagnostics through added resolution of transcript copy number measurement and therefore assessment of treatment. Also 2), when used in screening studies (such as clinical trials) and the identified biomarkers are grouped into sets, collectively the informative transcripts will accurately identify disease risk subgroups for stratified treatment.”