Philip Day.

CEO and Founder

Philip Day has PhD and masters degrees from the Wolfson Research Laboratories, University of Birmingham, UK, and is a reader in synthetic biology and quantitative genomics at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, ¬†University of Manchester, UK. His research is highly interdisciplinary relating to understanding complex biological systems by employing nucleic acid quantification, single cell analytics and microfluidics. Current research includes directed evolution of plasticases, and pathogens involved in Alzheimer’s disease. GeneGini was formed in 2020 and is a University of Manchester spin-out company.

Steve O’Hagan

Chief Computing Officer

Steve has a PhD from the University of Warwick, and an MSc from The University of Manchester. He is a member of the Royal Society Chemistry (RSC). After several years working in Hong Kong for various commercial laboratories, he returned to the UK and is now a Computer Officer at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology,  University of Manchester. His research interests include: Genetic and evolutionary programming; analytical laboratory data analysis; chemometrics and cheminformatics; machine learning, including deep networks; QSAR studies and, more recently, bioinformatics.

He is interest in programming in Python, R, Java & Matlab.